About us

I am “Kate”, proud Mama of the two wonderful and unique children, whom I am calling here on the Blog: “Champ”, born May 2010 and “Princess”, born June 2014.

I am originally from the River Rhein region and worked  for 9 years in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

It was there only that I met my special, super-creative, big-hearted and wonderful father of my kids “Daddy Cool” – who is able to drive me nuts at times.

Now we are staying in a small, green city in the North of Germany

And since Daddy Cool is originally from India, our kids are a “melage” and just:


I am actually from the Hotel-cum Travel & Tourism trade but studied during my maternity leave Commercial English. However I feel, I still want to do something else.

Then child Number 2 was born and hence I am still on maternity leave.

I have “unfortunately” not taken the advice of my German teacher to join one of the Journalism schools and write. If so, I’d not have met my “Daddy Cool” and I would not have my two wonderful children now.

Everything went a bit different, and in any case different as planned.

Maybe I had to first go through different experiences to actually be able to have something to say.

Now I finally want to do what I love doing: Writing.

Sometimes I write in German and sometimes in English. I write about my life, about what moves and touches me and about just the normal, daily life with two small children and all the crazy things that happen to you as a Mom.

I would like to build bridges with and through my blog. I want to reach out to people, bring people together and give & share ideas and  widen my horizon.

It would be very nice if my blog would grow into some sort of “small intercultural platform” where people of different cultures can communicate and share ideas and thoughts.

I started this blog in a very difficult time of my life.

Writing has helped me to be positive, to learn with and through my children, to believe in myself  and to look at each day as a learning experience.

And now I would like to take you with me on the journey into the world of my “Kocktail-Kids”.

Enjoy and have fun – I am looking forward to your comments!